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Jesus to the Needy has devoted its energy to passionately helping the hungry, needy and abandoned.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need and by doing so fulfill the Great commission    Matthew 28:19


The hurting

Serve the Lord by helping others

Jesus to the Needy 


It has been our blessing to partner with people and work with the Lord in South Africa for the last 5 years we have had hundreds of people make commitments to Christ and to abstinence until marriage and the results are changed lives for His Glory.

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the Lord

Joe Morris

Director of SA outreach.


Faith in Action

Our Outreach team in SA needs your help immediately. Basic medical supplies, food, and clothing are in high demand. Make your contribution now. You can make a difference in a child's life that needs an education by paying for a school uniform and shoes for as little as $35 will get them in school. 


those in need

Jesus to the Needy

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To be the one

To make a difference 

To see the change

  • Meeting Spiritual needs in SA
  • Feeding Orphaned/Abandoned children 
  • Smart Choices workshops 
  • Annual Christmas party for orphans 
  • Addressing Medical Issues daily

Here in South Africa Jesus to the Needy is a vocal advocate for the hungry, displaced and suffering. We strive to help children and families in need. Through serving the orphaned and abandoned and needy the refugee and the widows we seek to fulfill the command of Christ. Matthew 25:35-46

Averyl Morris

Logistics coordinator/ Smart Choices  team leader  and entrepreneur.

Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers and then you be the one who comes!

Join a short term mission and see first-hand the families we help daily, learn about other cultures and join the adventure.

Matthew 9:38

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education 
  • Providing School Uniforms 
  • Ministering to refugees in South Africa
  • Missions to Zimbabwe and Swaziland

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