STM Teams
Our Short Term Missionaries -STM are super helpful in reaching the school children with the life saving message of Jesus and abstinence until marriage and faithfulness. 

HIV/AIDS Prevention
No ministry that we do could really be effective without a Christian response to the AIDS crisis.

  1. Pray - Take some time and ask the Lord how you should help further his Kingdom.
  2. Pray for our safety, health, and provision. We will most appreciate that.
  3. Give - Jesus to the Needy feeds clothes and teaches hundreds of students, orphans, abandoned children and adults who are in dire straits each week.
  4. Go -Jesus to the Needy needs Short Term Missionary teams to come and see what the Lord is doing in Africa.

We minister to the AiDS effected families in 1000 Hills KwaNyuswa Kwa-Zulu Natal weekly we bring needed food, clothing and medicine to help restore the smiles to little children's faces. We have bible stories in Zulu and we teach and preach Jesus to the needy. 

We take care of the widows an orphans and the foreigner. 


What we do

Become a partner

Our ministry is not supported by an organization it is entirely supported by caring imdividuals like you who want to see the Gospel gp forth and see lives change partner with us today 

" I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, and to serve the Lord while serving others. I truly have the best job! it takes me on some adventures and is challenging always, and rewarding as well."

                                      Joe Morris

How can i help? 

Smart Choices
A Crossroads program for school children that you can be a part of. 

Areas of ministry

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees from all parts of Africa living in South Africa, the conditions that they live in are terrible but they work hard when they have it here we donated a sewing machine for them to make articles to sell.


Jesus to the Needy

mission & vision

To Bring  Jesus in a tangible way to the lost hurting and dying that he may change their lives.


We would love for you to be o volunteer this year and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.